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Day 2 | Tuesday - Be Mindful

Noticing what is going on in our bodies and minds is an important skill for staying mentally healthy. Take time to check in with your thoughts and feelings. By paying attention to the present moment, we might enjoy things more and even notice things we would have missed. It is thought that practicing mindfulness may help our memory and improve cognitive performance.

For the first five minutes of period 1 all students will be asked to listen to a mindful recording that will be played to them in lesson, recorded by Mr Cawley, the Mindfulness Lead here at Worksop College. Mr Cawley has been practising Zen Buddhist meditation for five years from an ordained nun in the Mahayana tradition. He has also worked closely with breath-work coaches.

 We will also provide students and staff with a number of activities that they can easily do to help them be more mindful.