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The House System at Ranby House!

The House System - a very special aspect of life at Ranby House

Our pupils from Year One onwards are allocated a place in a HOUSE. The House system is an intrinsic part of the whole school as students move into a House at the College too. There are four houses at Ranby and they are,  St Alban, St Benedict, St Columba and St Dunstan.

Students in Years One to Six sit with their House members for school assemblies. They also work together during the course of the year, taking part in lots of House competitions and activities. 

Each week, one of the Houses is allocated the role of, 'House Community Service'. This week it is St Columba's turn. The children in the duty house help around the school and complete a series of leadership tasks. In addition to this, a short House Meeting takes place each week.

The Year Six leaders of the House share and celebrate the achievements of the children within the house and look ahead towards the opportunities and activities in the forthcoming week. Each House meets in a different location. St Benedict House meet in Ranby's 'Old Library' as you can see from today's photos...