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Lilly’s story

Lily joined Ranby House School in Apr 2016 from a local primary school in Bassetlaw. Now in Year 2, here’s Lilly’s story.

“When Lilly started school in Reception in September of 2015, it just didn’t feel quite right. The class sizes were really big and Lilly was getting lost.  She can be quite reserved and we just felt as though she was overwhelmed. It was really difficult for the teachers to give all the children the attention they all deserved and it just wasn’t right for Lilly. We were keen not to jump the gun and so waited a couple of terms to see if she’d settle. By March of the following year, we knew we needed to look at other options”.

“At first we were concerned about how joining a school part way through the year and not at a traditional joining point might be tricky, but needn’t have worried! The teachers and parents could not have been more welcoming and by a few weeks in, we were utterly convinced of our decision.

“There is just something about the way children are taught to believe in themselves”

Since being at Ranby, Lilly has had so many opportunities she simply wouldn’t have had and her confidence has blossomed. There is just something about the way children are taught to believe in themselves that makes such a difference to the way they view the world and their place in it."

Louise, Lilly’s mum

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