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House Cross Country Competition

Years One to Six ran in the annual House Cross Country Competition this term and, after a hard fought battle, Megan and Logan lifted the trophy as Captains of the winning House – St Columba.

Congratulations to all the children for taking part. The placement winners in each race were as follows:

Y1 : 1st: H.Cuttle / 2nd / R. Dalby-Rose / 3rd / F. Cartledge
Y2: 1st A.Hobson / 2nd / M. Kershaw / 3rd S.Hardy
Y3/4 Girls: 1st L.Biddulph / 2nd R.Dutton / 3rd / F.Harper
Y3/4 Boys: 1st B.Clarke / 2nd J.Sault / 3rd L.Barrett
Y5/6 Girls: 1st C.Spencer-Knott / 2nd T.Pritchard / 3rd I.Strawson
Y5/6 Boys: 1st E.Howard / 2nd S.Carroll / 3rd G.Hardy