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A celebration of diversity - through food!

A celebration of the many cultures and nationalities across Worksop College - 'International Week', held in November, saw students  across all year groups get together to cook authentic meals - including the Georgian dish 'Acharian Khachapuri' and a Thai course featuring chicken and a variety of herbs and spices. 

Year 13 student Mariam Gedenidze, taught students how to prepare Acharian Khachapuri. Characteristically known for its 'boat' shape, the recipe includes making bread and filling it with two types of cheese.

"This dish used to be prepared for sailors from the seaside part of Georgia", said Mariam. " An egg on top symbolises the sun and was used to wish them good weather and a pleasant journey.

Thai student, Phasin Chomsomboon, said: “The Thai delicacy I decided to make is Thai Basil Chicken. Simple, so-called fast food in Thailand, yet still one of the most popular dishes. This 10-minute dish only needs few cloves of garlic, chicken, oyster sauce and minced chicken. All that was required was to toss minced garlic with some sunflower oil into a pan, toss some chicken in, few table spoons of oyster sauce and finish with handful of basil leaves, the main ingredient which gives this dish its  distinctive taste.”

"The evening gave us a good taste of the international community at school and was a great way to celebrate our diversity", remarked Mariam. "We would like to thank the International Student Committee members and Head of Food & Nut, Mrs Christodoulou for their help and assistance".