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Year 10 students investigate respiration

This week our Year 10 Biologists have been investigating respiration as part of their GCSE curriculum. 

Biology Teacher, Ms Varney introduced the lesson by talking about investigating respiration in peas. She explained,

"Everyone likes peas, don’t they? But they are a bit boring so I thought we’d try something a bit more interesting, something with a bit more “get up and go” so we got some maggots! Much to the horror of some of my Year 10 students!"

After some gentle coaxing, the group soon realised that the little wriggly fellas are actually quite cute! Well, sort of.

The apparatus was quite tricky to assemble, but we had a number of successful set ups. 

The group collected some useful data which will be analysed next lesson - we look forward to finding out the results!

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