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Chapel Choir sing Evensong at Sheffield Cathedral

Once a term the Chapel Choir makes a trip to a local Cathedral or Collegiate Chapel to sing Evensong.

Last term they sang Evensong jointly with the choir of Queens’ College Cambridge; this term they sang on their own at Sheffield Cathedral. 

Next term, the choir will travel further afield to Durham Cathedral. Experiences such as this are important both educationally and as a team building exercise.

By performing in different buildings the singers discover the challenges of singing in a vast space and learn to build the confidence needed to deal with this and also about the rich diversity of the liturgy and culture that exists in this country’s cathedrals.

At this service, the choir sang Brewer in D, Byrd Responses, Te Lucis Ante Terminum by Balfour Gardiner as well as a hymn and a psalm.

Mr Uglow, our Director of Music, said:

“I am extremely grateful to the Dean and Chapter of Sheffield Cathedral for welcoming the choir so warmly, I'm very proud of the high standards the pupils attained”.

In addition to all this worthy stuff, everyone also enjoyed dining out at a nearby restaurant before returning to the coach!

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