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Cultivating a Love for Music

Worksop College hosts outreach programme with renowned music group, Apollo 5, inspiring Year 4 pupils.

Worksop College was abuzz with music as Year 4 pupils from six local primary schools joined the internationally acclaimed vocal group, Apollo 5, in a day of fun-filled workshops. This outreach programme, delivered by Apollo 5, a part of the renowned VOCES8 Foundation, aimed to enrich the musical experiences of young learners and foster a love for singing and collaboration.

Led by the talented singers of Apollo 5, the workshops provided an immersive vocal training experience, filling the school's chapel with children’s voices. The day's activities extended beyond singing, incorporating brain, body, and voice warm-ups, as well as engaging games and activities. These activities not only enhanced the participants' vocal skills but also encouraged them to explore aspects of leadership, teamwork, and various elements of music, irrespective of their singing ability or musical background.

The highlight of the event was the final performance at the end of the afternoon. Pupils proudly showcased the skills they had learnt throughout the day to an audience of family and friends, a poignant way to end the day.

“It was a joy to host the children for the day,” Tim Uglow, Director of Music at Worksop College, told us. “They were all a credit to their schools, and I hope each of them left with a heightened passion for music.”

The outreach programme served as a bridge connecting young talents with the world of music, inspiring them to explore a love for music.

Worksop College would like to thank Apollo 5 and VOCES8 Foundation for their dedication to musical education and for creating a memorable day filled with joy, learning, and beautiful music.