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Embracing Flexi-Boarding: A Glimpse into the Life of a Boarder

In a bid to find out more about flexi-boarding, we sat down with Dan, Year 12, to hear about his boarding experience. Discover why this approach to boarding is not just about convenience, but a holistic lifestyle that promotes wellbeing, minimises commuting stress, and aligns with eco-friendly values. If you're curious about embracing a more flexible and sustainable way of boarding, flexi-boarding could be a great option for you.

Why do you flexi-board at Worksop College?
I flexi-board to experience staying away from home, spend more time with my friends and to experience school life to the fullest. I began flexi-boarding in Year 8 because it seemed like a really enjoyably experience.

What does a typical evening look like for a flexi-boarder?
The evening begins at 4.30pm, with many co-curricular activities to choose from, such as CCF, choir, gym and cross country. These activities finish at 5:30, just before dinner. At dinner, there are many options to cater to everyone’s preferences, and the food is always delicious. There is then a short period of free time before having a one-hour prep session. From 8pm it is free time - you can go to the gym, watch a movie, chill in house, play football, or go to other boarding houses to socialise. On certain evenings, there will be special nights where we will go out to do bowling or laser tag and then go out for dinner in our Houses.

What is your favourite thing about flexi-boarding?
My favourite thing about flexi-boarding is the wide variety of the evening activities, as well as spending quality time with my Housemates.

How has choosing to flexi-board helped you?
Flexi-boarding has helped with many things in my school life. It has given me the opportunity to make brilliant friendships not only with international students but also with people who I wouldn't normally see during the school day. Also, it gives me additional time to finish prep by getting rid of the need for commuting, allowing me to be more actively engaged in House activities. Also, boarding gives me the opportunity to watch musical performances from the school's concert series in the evening and gives me the opportunity to be part of the school's musical productions.

What might you say to someone who is considering flexi-boarding?
I would strongly recommend considering flexi-boarding because it is a wonderful experience to try out new activities, build friendships and experience school life to the fullest.