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Guest Speaker Timetable

Find your Future

We have a host of fantastic guest speakers scheduled for Find your Future, and a full timetable can be found below...

Monday 1st March 2021 - L6 Students 

Period One: 8.45am-9.30am
Ross Jackson, 'The Housing Crisis: Meeting the needs of future generations' 
Liz Birdsall, 'The Hidden Benefits of Volunteering in the Sports Sector'

Period Two: 9.30am-10.15am
Kirsten Donaghy, 'From Microbes to Milk - my career in the food and drink industry'
James Dobbin, 'Renewable energy - what's the future?'

Period Three: 10.30am-11.15am
James Wright, 'What's it like to be an accountant?'
Hollie Powell, 'What is talent management? Building a powerful workforce'

Period Four: 11.15am-12.00pm
Clare Gilfillian, 'What can a psychology degree lead to?'
Matthew Stephenson, 'Keeping industries turning: the power of automation'

Period Five: 1.15pm-2.00pm                                                                                                                      Sarah Maskell, 'Navigating your own career path'

Evening Session - Parents: 6.00pm-6.45pm
Paddy Jackman, 'Preparing for University: Debunking the Myths'             

Monday 1st March 2021 - Parents of U6 Students 

Evening Session - Parents: 6.00pm-6.45pm
Paddy Jackman, 'Preparing for University: Debunking the Myths'   

Tuesday 2nd March 2021 - Y10 Students 

Period One: 8.45am-9.30am
Shaun Holt, 'A Career in Cyber Security'
Lucy Shutt-Vine, 'Workshop: Discover your skillset'   Session continues into Period Two.

Period Two: 9.30am-10.15am
Ben Johnson & Zoe Menday - Experian, 'Delivery Success: Programme & Project Management'
Lucy Shutt-Vine, 'Workshop: Discover your skillset'   Session continues from Period One.

Period Three: 10.30am-11.15am
Zoe Menday & Emily Capewell, 'Experian: Transforming into a digital organisation'
Mayowa Olonilua, 'How are video games shaping the defence industry?'

Period Four: 11.15am-12.00pm
Neil Worsencroft & Andrew Wright, 'Experian: IT Operations'
Mike Walton, 'How can you benefit from failure?'
Fred Copestake, 'Business: How your personality can seal the deal'

Period Five: 1.15pm-2.00pm
Mike Gibbs & Andy Day, 'Experian: How the pieces fit together - architecture'
Mike Pastor, 'The challenge of fundraising' 

Friday 5th March 2021 - All Year Groups (Y7-13) 

Keynote Speakers

Mohammed Chaudhri - 'Experian: Navigating the Economic Impacts of COVID-19'

Julian Ashby - 'Art Direction: From Avengers Assemble to Guardians of the Galaxy'

Suzanne Chesterton - 'An insight into the music industry'