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The Wellbeing Hub

Student wellbeing underpins every aspect of schooling, from their ability to learn in class, to their ability to build positive relationships. There has been a significant rise in the mental health challenges faced by our students and staff to date, challenges heightened by the impact of COVID-19; these statistics are supported by national findings. Whilst we are fortunate to have a support network that underpins our care for each child, we recognise we need to do more, both preventative and reactive.

With that in mind, we are in the process developing an on-site Wellbeing centre. Located in the heart of our school, our vision is to convert the former school shop/tuck shop site into a multipurpose Wellbeing Centre; a calming hub where all members of our community can seek respite and access resources to support their mental health and wellbeing. The Wellbeing Hub combines a calming environment, skilled professional wellbeing staff and mental health practitioners to support other staff and students in maintaining good mental, emotional, social and physical health. It will be a beacon of the school’s prioritisation of community wellbeing.  

The hub will be reliant on the generosity of private donors and our community. Wellbeing Week will see the start of our fundraising as we aim to get the centre up and running towards the end of the year.