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Year 3 take a trip to Pollybell Farm

Yesterday, our Year 3 class visited Pollybell Organic Farm as part of their Imaginative Learning Project - Scrumdiddlyumptious.  

Year 3 Class Teacher, Mrs Johns gives us an overview of the day.

"We looked at leeks and broccoli growing in the fields and then followed their journey through the processing and packing plant.

We saw the leeks being trimmed and washed and the cauliflowers being ‘shrink wrapped’. The pupils visited the cold stores and the offices where the labels for all the different supermarkets are created; they were fascinated by the labelling machines and tried their hand at applying the stickers.

We went on a tour of the farm in a trailer and picked sunflowers from the wildlife margins; we compared soil samples from different areas. Pupils were each given a lovely bag of organic vegetables to take home and cook."