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Our Year 3 pupils discover the world's wildlife at Woodside Park

Last week our Year 3 pupils visited Woodside Wildlife Park near Lincoln as an introduction to their ‘Predator’ topic.

Guided by a ranger, the group were introduced to all the different animals within the park. A particular highlight was watching the wolves, tiger and lynx feeding.

During the animal show, pupils were taught about the different animal behaviours. For example, the fox foraged for food in the ‘wheelie bins’ and clearly had a penchant for egg mayonnaise!

The Barn Owl swooped low over our heads and the brown rats ran across ropes above our heads to demonstrate how they boarded ships in the docks.

The daring pupils amongst the group stepped forward when opportunity arose to handle a snake and a bearded dragon.

The group made their best effort to engage ‘Polly’ the parrot in conversation and enjoyed watching the antics of the Meerkats.

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