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Latin is a fascinating subject - designed to inspire, motivate and challenge. This GCSE brings you up close and personal to the Romans: how they lived and loved along with their entertainment, customs and beliefs.

During your GCSE in Latin, you will gain knowledge and understanding of the Roman world through reading and responding to its language, literature, and culture. You will learn to read, analyse and respond to un-adapted Latin on various different subjects such as education, entertainment, love and marriage and the lives of the rich and poor throughout the Roman Empire. We will read selections of texts from a variety of different Roman authors. The literature is also accompanied by a prescribed selection of source material (e.g., paintings, mosaics, sculptures, buildings, graffiti) and you will be asked to analyse and respond to these sources, making connections between literary and archaeological evidence from the Roman world.

This GCSE also encompasses the study of Roman civilisation. This part of the course is entirely in English. You will have to analyse and respond to ancient source material on different aspects of Roman life such as entertainment and leisure, Religion, daily life in a Roman town and Roman Britain.

This subject is for you

If you enjoy puzzles, reading and critical thinking. You will enjoy learning about life in the ancient world, languages, and reading. 


  • 100% exam

Students should be aware that they will never be examined in speaking and listening in Latin. 

Exam Board

  • OCR