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Gibbs House

Gibbs House – Tenax Propositi (Hold steadfast to your purpose)

In Gibbs House, the aim is to create a homely, friendly and safe environment; one where everyone has a mutual respect for one another. Their aim is to help every girl achieve their potential in as many fields as possible.

Gibbs tries to encourage the development of a spiritual awareness, an appreciation of public and private morals and the difference between right and wrong. Each girl will be prepared as fully as possible for the challenges of adulthood, so that she can take up a responsible and caring role in society. Gibbs encourages parents and friends of all girls to feel that they are part of Gibbs House too.

Senior pupils have an essential role to play in the smooth running of the House and in helping to foster the strongly supportive atmosphere. All pupils are encouraged to show initiative, to lead by example and to show integrity in their day to day life. New pupils have nominated guides who help with the initial settling in, but everyone in the house understands that they have a responsibility to each other to be friendly, supportive and encouraging to all.

The purple army with a purple heart.

“When I first started, I was incredibly homesick as I had never boarded before. It was Gibbs that helped my transition.”