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Year 9 Options Form

As you enter Year 9, in order to accommodate the wide variety of subjects in the curriculum, some subject choices have to be made.

It is important to give this good thought, as whilst there may be opportunities to change, this will depend on numbers in the class and teacher availability. Also, you will be able to pick up most subjects offered at GCSE if you choose to do so, even if you have not studied it in Year 9. That said, we would advise that if you are considering French, Spanish or Latin for GCSE, you should continue with it through Year 9.

You need to have agreed this with your tutor in a tutorial before submitting the form.

Modern Foreign Language*

Next, choose ONE subject from each Option Block below. It is not possible to choose the same subject in two different option blocks.

Block A - Select one of the following*
Block B - Select one of the following*
Block C - Select one of the following*