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The way companies operate is under greater scrutiny than ever before, and programmes such as The Apprentice and Dragons’ Den continue to raise the profile of business and business practices. This course will give you a sound skill-set that you will take into life, regardless of whether you choose to pursue the subject at undergraduate level. During this course you will learn about how real businesses work – from operations management and marketing, through to finance and organisational culture, and you’ll learn how to put together a business strategy and about the key elements of the marketing mix. You’ll work on real-life briefs and visit businesses to understand how strategy is put into practice.

You will also develop an appreciation of globalisation, and how the internet and digital era have transformed the way we do business - creating both opportunities and threats for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

A sound understanding of economics and financial planning forms a key part of the course. From resource management and how external influences affect a business, through to raising finance for a fledgling start-up, this course is an excellent foundation for a career in a variety of business roles.

This subject is for you:
if you’re keen to develop a foundation in business that will equip you with practical skills for the future, regardless of whether you choose to pursue the subject area at undergraduate level or into your future career.

100% exam

Subject Level Year Group Exam Board
Business  GCE UVI Pearson