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  • A level (OCR)
  • 2 years

A study of the human experience, history provides us with not only a window into the past, but also a framework to view and understand the world we live in – culturally, politically, and even geographically!

Studying history will develop your skills of analysis and evaluation, not to mention your ability to think critically and your sense of curiosity. Debate and discussion are central to studying this subject – having strong opinions on historic (and current) figures and events is useful, but more important is the ability to bring an open mind. 

You will study over 200 years of British and European history, taking in the broad sweep of German history between 1789-1963, the ups and downs of the life and career of the ‘Greatest Briton’, Winston Churchill, and the changing political landscape of the UK between 1951 and 1997.Brexit will make a lot more sense to you if you study A level history!  

An interest and skill in reading and writing is important, especially as you will write an extended piece of coursework on a topic of your choice related to Nazi Germany. 

This subject is for you:
if you are interested by how history and contemporary society are shaped by both ‘important’ and ‘ordinary’ people. History can complement every subject - there is no ‘typical’ history student in terms of other option choices! 

20% coursework
80% exam