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  • A level (AQA)
  • 2 years

Economics has become high profile – from the 2008 recession and bankers’ bonuses to uncertainty around ‘Brexit’, the subject is rarely out of the news. 

During this course you will learn the fundamentals of macro and micro economics, including economic decision-making, financial markets and monetary policy - as well as market failure and government intervention during ‘crashes’. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to explore national and international economies and how the global stock market operates and affects our daily lives, using economic theory to analyse current issues. You will understand price determination in a competitive market, and the distribution of income and wealth and its impact on the labour market. 

Equipping you with essential skills that you’ll take into life, you will develop your understanding of ratios, fractions and other mathematical theory to help you grasp the concept of supply and demand. 

You will explore this fascinating subject through a variety of ways, including presentations, analysis of real-life examples, and a range of trips outside the classroom.

This subject is for you:
if you have an interest in current affairs, politics and how economic decisions have an impact on almost every area of our lives. You’ll be a keen mathematician, with an interest in topical issues, and will be a reflective learner. 

100% exam