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Art & Design: Photography

  • A level (AQA)
  • 2 years

Taking inspiration from the work of artists, designers, art movements and genres, you’ll understand the development of photography and realise its importance as an art form and a means of recording experiences. You will work with your images as a medium, experimenting with digital processes, as well as manipulation by hand.

You will work with ideas, thoughts and concepts to produce aesthetically pleasing, deeply personal and meaningful artwork. You’ll learn to understand composition, lighting and how to control your DSLR camera in order to control aperture, shutter speed and exposure.

Art and Photography students work in all areas of the Art School, which has two large multi-purpose art rooms, along with an oil painting/3D studio with easels. A computer suite with key design software is available for you to create, research and present your work and ideas.

We boast a well-resourced Fine Art and Textiles library, as well as key Photography and Graphic Design texts. We have a dark room and photographic studio with backdrops and lighting available, and A level artists are expected to make use of the Art School beyond their timetabled lessons.

This subject is for you:
If you enjoy all aspects of photography, as well as sharing your ideas. You’ll have an aptitude for hard work, creative-thinking and will be comfortable working independently. You will have a passion for being experimental and learning through doing – in addition to having opinions and being able to express them.

60% coursework
40% externally-set assignment - a ten-week preparation period followed by a fifteen-hour timed element over three days.