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Computer Science

  • A level (OCR)
  • 2 years

Computer Science is an extremely creative and practical subject that combines excitement and invention, allowing you to look at the world through a digital prism. You’ll be encouraged to develop an appreciation of the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science - including abstraction, decomposition, logic, algorithms and data representation.

You will also develop an ability to analyse, critically evaluate and make decisions – this is a practical subject that will enable you to apply your knowledge gained in the classroom to real-world systems. Learning takes place in our well-equipped computer suite, with lessons split between theory and practical. Practical lessons will enable you to build on theory in a creative way, and our trip to Bletchley Park is designed to develop creative-thinking, communication and reflective learning, through immersive experiences and practical intelligence challenges.

This subject is for you:
if you enjoy problem-solving in computational terms through practical experience. You’ll have the capacity for thinking creatively, innovatively, analytically, logically and critically. You will enjoy writing programs to solve problems, and will be excited by learning new programming languages.

20% coursework
80% exam