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Philosophy & Ethics

  • A level (OCR)
  • 2 years

Well-respected by universities, this subject appeals to anyone who has an interest in discussion, belief systems - and the search for an ultimate truth. 

You will cover some of the great thinkers of philosophy and look at how philosophical and religious thought impacts on society, and shapes how we understand the world.

Starting with an introduction to Ancient Greek Philosophy and moving through traditional arguments for the existence of God, to modern Ethics issues such as euthanasia and sexual ethics - the Religious Studies A level helps develop critical and engaged thinkers. There is an emphasis on logical thinking, exploring the ideas of famous thinkers and developing well-justified personal opinions. This is a relevant and important course to study for many different areas of life outside school.

We study through small-group discursive learning, maintaining a constant teaching commitment to dialogue and debate – and we’re a small and friendly academic department, where no learner (even if they’ve never studied Philosophy before) will ever feel adrift or left behind.

This subject is for you:
if you enjoy the challenge of exploring ‘big’ issues in thought-provoking ways, and seeing how deep ethical, philosophical, or religious issues shape our modern world. You will enjoy learning through discussion, talking about profound and meaningful issues, and will be excited by a subject that will improve your reasoning and thinking skills in a way that can be applied to your further study – in addition to life beyond formal education. 

100% exam