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Physical Education

  • A level (Eduqas)
  • 2 years

We have a long history of sporting excellence at Worksop College, boasting a number of sporting greats across Cricket, Hockey and Rugby. 

Study PE at A level and you will develop many different skills, making it an enjoyable and challenging subject. There is no prerequisite for the course, but candidates should be aware that the fast pace of work covered makes a GCSE at PE useful. This course sits well alongside many other option combinations and is accepted by universities as an entry requirement for a broad range of courses. 

You’ll have the opportunity to specialise in one sport, develop an ability to coach or officiate - together with applying your knowledge of the subject matter to a piece of coursework relating to your own practical strengths.

You’ll also look at sports psychology and energy systems, as well as the impact that technology and nutrition can have on performance. 

This subject is for you:
if you have a passion for physical fitness and the way the body works. You will have an interest in nutrition and will enjoy challenging yourself, physically. This course is for you whether you’re a sports performer, or an enthusiast. 

10% coursework
20% practical performance
70% exam