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  • A level (Pearson)
  • 2 years

Music has long been recognised by universities as a valuable qualification and is easily combined with subjects from the Arts, Languages or Science disciplines. The broad range of transferable skills and techniques offered by the course will allow you to pursue almost any course at university. 

In general, this course attracts those who have taken a GCSE in Music and have a strong grounding in practical Music, but who also maintain a healthy interest in the wider aspects of the subject, such as analysis and history. Pupils who are performing to a high level (Grades 6-8) and have good aural skills are most likely to score well.

This course will encourage you to study Music as a practical, intellectual and creative subject, organised into Performing, Composing & Listening, and Appraising. 

There are many transferable skills such as non-routine problem-solving and analytical demands, but ultimately you will become a better musician with all the advances in confidence and cultural awareness that this brings.

This subject is for you:
if you enjoy playing and performing on an instrument or voice - ABRSM Grade 6 standard or above. You will be fluent in music notation and wish to develop your compositional skills to a higher level. You will be excited by learning to recognise contrasting genres, styles and traditions of music and by developing a detailed knowledge and awareness of musical chronology and historical context.

60% coursework
40% exam