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  • A level (AQA)
  • 2 years

Taking place in our well-resourced science labs, Physics lessons at Worksop College are about inspiring you to find out about the world in which you live.

We emphasise a hands-on approach to verifying both classical and modern physical laws, from Archimedes to Niels Bohr — not just what we know, but how we know it and, importantly, how well. Physics lessons here are frequently about finding connections and hidden truths, and are a great source of those rare moments when things all ‘click’. 

Teaching methods are varied and, as the emphasis shifts to questioning the laws of nature, there are plenty of opportunities for you to plan and carry out experiments, communicate complex ideas, create simulations, think critically, and solve problems. All of these are highly valued by universities and employers. 

After completing a Physics A level, many pupils go on to read straight Physics, Engineering or Natural Sciences at leading universities. Physics is also an important subject for those wanting to pursue careers in Engineering and Architecture. 

This subject is for you:
if you are determined, resourceful and prepared to study independently. You’ll need to read around the subject, write reviews of new publications and take part in opportunities outside the curriculum. 

100% exam